Top 5 places to visit in Bhopal

Bhopal also known as “THE CITY OF LAKES” is one of the most visited cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is also the capital of the state it is a beautiful town with a unique blend of serene landscapes, calm water bodies, and distinctive culture. The people have a different lifestyle as compared to the other big cities or capitals.Let’s get started with the list of destinations you can’t miss.


The upper lake is the main attraction of the city it justifies the attribute of the city of lakes given to the city of Bhopal with astonishing visuals and water sports facilities it’s the place you want to go for your weekend getaway.

2.Van Vihar

Van vihar national park is situated just ahead of the upper lake it is a place where you can witness the beauty of nature and also get the feeling of an African safari it is a beautiful experience to see the animals in there natural habitat and also which gives the feeling that we are not the only ones walking on the planet its a perfect spot for a picnic with family.

3.Sair Sapata(“Cable Bridge”)

It is one of the most recent development by the MP tourism in Bhopal built in order to provide people a spot to chill out under the gifts of nature with a beautiful playground for the children and also with excellent food facilities and also offers a toy train ride with no age limits it also has an artificial jungle safari and water sports to entertain you it is a one-stop shop worth to spend one day of your weekend.

4.Picnic@kerva(M.P. Tourism)

Another awesome picnic spot maintained beautifully by M.P. tourism offers great natural beauty and a chance to witness waterfall in a busy city is just what you want also offers various entertaining activities to attract you and above all also has accommodation facilities and awesome food that you can eat after you go through the adventures built near kerva dam its a nice place to go loosen yourself and enjoy.

5.Gauhar Mahal and Old Bhopal Market(“Purana Bhopal”)

To witness the beauty and distinctiveness of the culture of the city of Bhopal there is no better place than the “Purana Bhopal” or the old Bhopal market which in  itself explains the history of the city and speaks of the wonders it has seen having the hold of the Taj-ul-Masajid a mosque  Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar by Nawab Shah Jahan Begum (1844–1860 and 1868–1901) of Bhopal (Wife of Baqi Mohammad Khan) and continued to be built by her daughter Sultan Jahan Begum, till her lifetime.Which is the largest mosque in India and one of the largest mosques in Asia .The old Bhopal is a culture in itself and will make you see the lifestyle of common people in Bhopal.

These were the five places which are a must to visit in Bhopal according to me follow the blog for more such interesting content.

Ayush Saxena




A Dream

 I dream not of relief

I dream only of belief

not to be pushed down by menacecropped-header.jpg

but to climb the stairs to success

I don’t dream of my life as a fable

I pursue the dreams achievable

I don’t want to lose a dream

what I want is others to see

The dreams will come true one day

but the dreams won’t do as I say

 I have a dream to achieve

to be a dream for others it is

I perceive

-By Ayush Saxena


Time travel 

I wish i had a hold of time,

To get back what was mine.

A moment of truth a second of peace,

A way for me to prevent the breach.

All the world suffers a shortage,

Bits and peices connected through voyage.

A stich in twine, can save the wine,

But a stich in life cannot save  the time.

A travel through memories,

Hand in hand with time.

Wish i could relive them,

But not against the wheel of time.

The thoughts break out so hard and fast,

But there isn’t a moment to look for past.

I wish there was no emotional breakdown,

But how can it be as world is on a meltdown.

The thought lies deep instead,

In a sea with a glimmering shine,

The only thing i wished is that,

I hope i had a hold on time…

By – Ayush Saxena

Brain drained 

When the mind blows out,

all the thoughts are squeezed out.

no views no memoirs remain ,

all views and experiences go in vain.

a state of mind where nothing retains,

what’s more terryfying than a brain drain.

A  fierce flashbang of darkness,

which leaves nothing to harness.

hopes devastated leaving utter numbness,

all that is left is an emotional carcass.

sentiments turn into an utter mess,

leaving one option, to be suppressed.

The ease and stability has to be sustained,

composure and balance shall be retained.

There is only one way to maintain,

self control is the key to choke the drain.

The truth still remains same,

a brain drain is much better,

than a brain in a drain.

So use the power which you have gained,

harness the aura of the beast you tamed.

it might not be the best one claimed,

but at least its not in a drain.

-Ayush Saxena

Thoughts on a deadline

When the fear cramps you,

Where your mind betrays you,

Your thoughts restrict you,

The moment which stuns you ,

When it Comes  face to face,

That moment will never stay,

It will flow as the trees sway.

As it is not a cycle which goes,

It is a line of terror ,

 which creates emotional tremors,

a line which intercepts every story, every mind,

Nothing fierce it can be except a deadline.

The time brings it along,

We try to stretch it out long.

Nobody but the time owns it I see,

But still given by people it seems.

It brings out a bouquet of feelings,

Fear and confidence a blend with team playing.

Faced by all at times,

The dilemma is, should it be offered?

Or shall it be applied?

A lot of interest it seems you have

as you read till now,

but I prefer that you go now,

as the time will not be a spectator,

you too have to be a worker.


I think you too have a deadline ,

To match up and to conquer  .


Ayush Saxena

Give And Take

Walking down the track of life,

I realized it was not a one way site.

The traffic went both the ways;

the things went in constant sways.

There were many who wished to take,

but the transaction completed only with,

Give and Take.

The remaining were left to take,

as they had nothing to give,

except a look of plight on the face.

Passing by that lane were no givers,

as each transaction had a take .

The world changed as they said,

but still there is not a person,

who gives to those who have nothing to give.

The give and take is a show,

in which the whole humanity vow’s.

The relations turn into business ties,

as a knot of hatred and greed ,

in love and affect it ties……

give and takeBy – Ayush Saxena



Life a beautiful composition,

having notes of every position,

upper and lower the notes go,

hand in hand the life goes.

Each note with unique sound,

each event a new bout,

the life plays a game of doubt,

does the composition has a fault.

Synchronization is the key,

to rectify and to make us see,

there is no fault in life thee,

the fault is in the eyes which see.

notes become a melody,

when they tune up with each other,

life becomes a melody,

when it binds you with others.


                                               ayush saxena