Thoughts on a deadline

When the fear cramps you,

Where your mind betrays you,

Your thoughts restrict you,

The moment which stuns you ,

When it Comes  face to face,

That moment will never stay,

It will flow as the trees sway.

As it is not a cycle which goes,

It is a line of terror ,

 which creates emotional tremors,

a line which intercepts every story, every mind,

Nothing fierce it can be except a deadline.

The time brings it along,

We try to stretch it out long.

Nobody but the time owns it I see,

But still given by people it seems.

It brings out a bouquet of feelings,

Fear and confidence a blend with team playing.

Faced by all at times,

The dilemma is, should it be offered?

Or shall it be applied?

A lot of interest it seems you have

as you read till now,

but I prefer that you go now,

as the time will not be a spectator,

you too have to be a worker.


I think you too have a deadline ,

To match up and to conquer  .


Ayush Saxena


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