Brain drained 

When the mind blows out,

all the thoughts are squeezed out.

no views no memoirs remain ,

all views and experiences go in vain.

a state of mind where nothing retains,

what’s more terryfying than a brain drain.

A  fierce flashbang of darkness,

which leaves nothing to harness.

hopes devastated leaving utter numbness,

all that is left is an emotional carcass.

sentiments turn into an utter mess,

leaving one option, to be suppressed.

The ease and stability has to be sustained,

composure and balance shall be retained.

There is only one way to maintain,

self control is the key to choke the drain.

The truth still remains same,

a brain drain is much better,

than a brain in a drain.

So use the power which you have gained,

harness the aura of the beast you tamed.

it might not be the best one claimed,

but at least its not in a drain.

-Ayush Saxena


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